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About Best Removals

As the name implies we strive at being the best company in London in commercial and home removals. We understand professionalism as a constant attempt to satisfy the clients’ expectations. Which is why our values include reliability and simplicity of the pricing scheme and cooperation conditions.

Behind the success of our company stands healthy philosophy of running a business. We keep investing in our team of employees and our fleet, which provides solid basis for future success. Thanks to such approach we are always ready for fierce competition, changing market conditions and are able to adjust our services and structure, according to current demands, regulations and requirements.

Our focus

We have focused our services on providing comprehensive, the most reliable removals in London. We cooperate with both individual customers as well as offices and companies. Over the years our understanding of the needs of such a wide range of clients has grown considerably, which allows us today to provide services ideally adjusted to diverse requirements.

Best Values

Our everyday job is based on those values, which allow us to provide quality services, thus support the development of our company. The road to our success lies in the understanding of your individual needs and providing a perfect answer for them. That is why our most important values, we are proud of, include:

  • Professionalism... represented in every detail of our work

    The most important goal is to complete the removal job you have entrusted us with. This includes limiting the time, costs and hassle connected with the process. However, at that we do not forget about the atmosphere of cooperation. We stay positive even during the most demanding tasks and transportation of even the heaviest elements. After all – this is our job!

  • Reliability... proven time and time again during another home or office removal job

    We are always on time and work according to the schedule we have established. It is especially important when you need the job done as soon as possible to minimise the costs of your company downtime.

    You can also trust us with unusual jobs, requiring us to work e.g. during the night or on weekends. At Best Removals you get comprehensive services at great flexibility.

  • Simplicity... in terms of pricing scheme and conditions of cooperation

    There is no need to complicate the cooperation conditions. We believe the whole domestic and commercial removal process should be kept simple – because it is simple! We set the time and date, come and pick your items and transport them to a new location. No problems, no unnecessary hassle!

🏃 Best Team

One of the most exceptional advantages of our removal company is our team. It is a perfect combination of experience, youthful energy and positive attitude which allows us to raise and maintain the quality of provided services. We keep working on completing and developing Best Removals team as a response to a growing demand for our services.

People truly are the basis of our company success – they are in contact with you on a daily basis, building your trust and satisfaction with office and home removals.

🚚 Best Fleet

Another crucial element in our everyday work. Our fleet of vehicles gives us a comfort of work, as we know we can rely on them in every situation, even when we have to transport the heaviest load.

The trucks we use ensure each job is done on schedule and in the safest possible way. They are in a perfect condition and are regularly checked for any damage or technical issues and repaired whenever necessary.

What is more, we keep building our fleet of vehicles with models which allow us to undertake another, even more challenging tasks.

🌴 Eco policy

Best Removal’s care about the environment is reflected in the work and attitude of our every employee. We co-create an eco-friendly team who work hard on minimising the effect our work has on the environment. That is why whenever possible the packaging materials we use are manufactured from recycled materials and are recycled after being used. We also do not throw them away after each job, but try and use them again during our next home or office removal.

Thanks to careful planning of the routes and the jobs we are able to minimise the fuel costs by limiting the amount of miles driven from and to another job.