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Custom removals in London

Although each company requires individual approach towards their needs during a move, there are special, unusual businesses which require unorthodox solutions. We are ready to adjust our services to the needs of those companies and/or organisations, which have to transport unusual cargo to a new building or office in London. These are schools, libraries, companies organising exhibitions or other entities from diverse industries.

Flexibility is what matters

To meet their expectations we have to come up with a custom plan of operation. In order to minimise the disruption of work of such entities, the plan has to take into account the companies’ working hours, unusual requirements towards packing and specificity of the items to be transported. Quite often such custom office removals require planning according to a tight schedule and organising additional packaging materials in order to make sure the whole process is conducted on time and in accordance with the best quality standards. Our team has the required experience, equipment and tools to support you throughout and provide you with advice and suggestions which limit the issues of the undertaking.

Adjustable budget

Number 1 question asked by clients of removal companies. It is understandable that you want to know the costs beforehand, which is why we can provide you with a quote for free. What is more, we try to adjust the prices of our services in accordance with the available budget. Naturally, not every cost can be cut, but we usually find a possibility to meet your expectations without limiting the quality of our commercial removal services.

Availability 24/7

The date and time is not an issue at Best Removals. If necessary, we can come and pick your items anytime, anywhere in London. We can work all night, start very early in the morning or divide the work into several days. You can also store your possessions in our warehouse and set a date of their delivery later on. It is up to you!

Customise your London move

Our experience in commercial removals in the city as well as our flexible approach is at your disposal. Simply contact us, provide us with the details of your office move and get a free, non obligatory quote – and start negotiating the conditions!