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Frequently asked questions

There is a number of standard questions you might have about our home and office removal services. We have prepared answers to Frequently Asked Questions, which should explain most of them. Naturally, we are always at your disposal in case you have additional doubts or something is still unclear. Just call us or write us an e-mail and we will respond ASAP.

Which areas do you cover?
We cover all London areas.
How soon should I book your team?
The sooner the better. Our schedule is quite flexible and we always try and squeeze you on the date you have chosen. So you can call us even a day before the move to find out whether we are available. However, sometimes we are booked weeks in advance, thus we always advise to plan way ahead and book our team as soon as you can.
What does the removal process look like?
It is quite simple actually, but differs according to the type of move and the range of services you have chosen. Both home and commercial removals usually include the following steps:
  1. You contact us.
  2. We provide you with a quote.
  3. You book us on a given date and time.
  4. (optional) We provide you with packaging materials/We pack the items to be moved
  5. We transport your belongings.
  6. (optional) We store your belongings.
  7. We deliver your items to a new location.
How long does it take?
Home removals usually do not take more than one day, depending on the number of items to be transported and the distance to be covered. When it comes to office removals, the process is usually conducted on the weekends or in the night to minimise or eliminate any downtime.
Do you work on weekends?
We are very flexible, thus we can adjust our working schedule to your needs. If necessary, we also work overnight, which is especially beneficial for companies who want to restore operation as soon as possible. So whenever you need us, we are at your disposal.
Can you store my belongings for a couple of days?
Yes. We do have a special commercial storage space so we can keep your possessions safe for more than a couple of days.
What do I have to do before your arrival?
First of all, you should relax.
However, if you did not hire our packing service you should also take care of that. We can provide you with all the required packaging materials as well.
Also make sure all of the most important documents, keys and money can be easily found.
To make sure you are completely ready for the move, go through the check list we have prepared for you. It includes step by step advice on how to avoid any unpleasant surprises during home or office removal.
What packaging materials are the best and where to get them?
From the most popular cardboards, bubble wrap, through foams, solid containers from plastic and other elements, designed to be used with specific items – we have them all. We can provide you with all of the materials you need to safely pack your possessions and protect them from potential damage during the move.
Can you take care of all the packing for me?
Yes. Our team can pack all of your furniture, lamps, glasses, books and other items. We have the experience, skills, knowledge and packaging materials to ensure they are all ready for transportation.
What do you charge?
The costs are very diverse and are always calculated individually. There is no standard rate for home and commercial removals as different trucks have to be used, different number of workers is required to load and unload the trucks as well as different solutions have to be used to make sure all of your possessions are safe and protected from damage during the transportation.
To find out the exact price of our office or home removal services in London, get your free and non obligatory quote.
Can I supervise the move?
Yes, you can. It is completely up to you. Some removal companies do not feel comfortable being supervised, but if you would rather control the safety of your belongings and our work yourself, you are very welcome to do so. If you do not want to waste your time and want to leave it all to us – we gladly oblige.
I have only a few things to move - is that a problem?
No, it is not. We cooperate with both big companies and individual clients, adjusting the offer accordingly to their needs. For the smallest home removals as well as office moves we have prepared special ‘man and van’ service, which combines lower costs and the highest safety and quality of work.