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Flat removals in London

Anyone who had to move in or move out of a multi-storey building knows how tiring, time-consuming the process can be. Even the 2nd floor becomes an issue.

Imagine there are 40 steps to get to the flat and you have 5 pieces of heavy furniture and 50 boxes with your stuff in them (remember, you have to come up and down). Now multiply the numbers... 400 steps for the furniture and 4000 steps to get the boxes to the flat!

Terrifying, isn’t it?

Obviously a lot of buildings do have lifts, but you cannot fit in them your 2,5 metre high wardrobe!

It is surely better to let a home removal company worry about the work. And we will gladly help you move out and in to your new flat!

Safety first

We have the necessary equipment and experience in home removals to quickly transport the furniture, TV, washing machine or other items to your flat. Our team makes sure every item is properly secured, packed and protected from scratches or more serious damage.

Moreover, we know how to properly carry them in order to get them quickly even to the highest floor and make it at a minimum effort – after all, we have to transport virtually the whole apartment to a new location.

‘Man and van’ or comprehensive service

Depending on the number of items to be removed and transported as well as on your expectations towards, e.g. schedule of work, you can choose our affordable ‘man and van’ service or comprehensive flat removals in London. It means, that you can minimise the time-involvement and hassle on your side or decide to do part of the work yourself and save your money instead.

packing photo

Either way, you get professional, high quality service meeting the best standards of the industry.

Adjustable offer

Every flat and home removal is different and requires different solutions. That is why we keep our offer highly flexible, which allows us to adjust it to your needs. There are no fixed prices and costs, as we evaluate each job individually. Our goal is to offer you the most competitive price offer while providing the most comprehensive service.

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