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Furniture removals in London

One of the most difficult things you have to deal with, when you move to a new home, is safely packing and transporting your furniture. You have to remember about several things, some of which are not as obvious as you might think. By providing services for a wide range of clients from different London boroughs, we have gained amazing experience in the area of home removals. We have worked with the simplest items as well as the most unusual shapes, decorations and ornaments... and we have managed to safely transport them all to their new location!

Issues on the way

There is a number of things that might go wrong during furniture removals. If you fail to pack the items properly with the best materials, the damage to your beautiful cupboard or coffee table is highly probable. The worst-case scenario is your beloved sofa or wardrobe will simply be ruined during the transit. It is understandable that you want to limit the costs of home removal, but hiring professionals to pack your furniture gives you peace of mind during the process.

packing photo

Proven solutions

At Best Removals we have developed approach and solutions which guarantee your furniture will arrive to your new home in a perfect condition. The process includes:

  • analysis of the size and types of all of the pieces of furniture you want to transport,
  • selecting the best truck for the job,
  • carefully planning the order of loading and the position of each item in the truck,
  • preparation of appropriate packaging materials,
  • packing each element individually, with special attention paid to:
    • corners,
    • glass elements,
    • ornaments,
    • small decorative items,
    • handles, knobs etc.
    • elements of unusual shapes,
  • loading according to the plan,
  • careful transport,
  • safe unloading.

Choose experience and reliability

Nobody wants to take unnecessary risks when it comes to transporting their furniture. Which is why you should always choose the London removals company, which has vast experience in the field. We have procedures in place to guarantee complete safety of your belongings and eliminate the stress during the move to a new house.