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Home removals checklist

Moving can be a stressful experience and it definitely is very time-consuming. All the arrangements, packing, planning, lists can get you confused. That is why we have prepared a special checklist, including the most important things you have to do and remember about before and during the move. Hopefully, it will let you relax and approach home removals with more confidence and calm.

2 months to THE day
  • Start planning the furniture arrangement at your new place
    make sure every item will fit in the new home and that you will have enough free room for yourself

  • Make a list of all of your possessions
    do not forget about the items you have stored in the attic, basement, garage or garden shed

1 month to THE day
  • Contact removal companies and set the date of the move

  • Make all of the arrangements at your work to get a free time on the selected date
    remember you can always try and reschedule with the removal company

  • Inform the utility suppliers about the move and make sure your new flat/home/office will be connected on the day of the move

  • Inform banks, post and any other companies and entities, which contact you at your current address, about the move and provide them with your new contact data

  • Inform your friends and family about your plans and give them your new address
    you can also do it later on, for example, a week or two before the move

3 weeks to THE day
  • Clean your house
    is everything really needed? can you get rid of some of the things?

  • Begin to eat the food stored in your freezer
    otherwise it might go bad during the move; you can also start buying food more often in lower amounts

  • Outline a plan of the move: the packing, schedule etc.
    it gives you a general idea on how it will be conducted; you can also use the plan provide by a home removals company

  • Make all of the necessary repairs in your old apartment
    sometimes a professional has to be hired to do the job

2 weeks to THE day
  • Hire a babysitter for the kids

  • Hire somebody to take care of your dog/cat/other animals

  • Start completing the most important documents (and keep them together)
    they should always be kept safe and handy, so that you can easily find them whenever they are needed during the removal

  • Start packing – beginning with the least-used items
    remember to pack separately: glass, china, food, clothes, books etc.; they all should be clearly marked, following e.g. such schema: “kitchen – china”, “kitchen – glasses & cups”, “bathroom – soaps”, “bedroom – pictures” etc.

1 week to THE day
  • Terminate and/or rearrange services (including TV, telephone, Internet services)

  • Give back all of the borrowed books, CDs and other items

  • Clean your home’s loft and basement and pack any items you want to take with you

  • Pack gardening equipment

  • Continue packing
    items you will not be using in the following 7 days (remember to mark and sign each container)

1 day to THE day
  • Finish packing

  • Defrost the freezer

  • Disconnect any electrical equipment in your home

  • Arrange and pack the cables, marking each one of them accordingly to make it easier to locate and plug them in later on

  • Check all the drawers and corners for any forgotten items
    you can add them to existing boxes or use a special box for such elements

  • Check the mailbox for the last time

  • Put the most important documents in one place

  • Drink a glass of wine, relax and have an early night
    there is a long day ahead of you, so get some rest before the removal

On THE day
  • Wake up early
    to make sure you can do all the tasks ahead of you before the removal company arrives

  • Drive your kids to their babysitter

  • Drive your pets to their keeper

  • Run the list again to make sure everything is ready
    quickly scan the list for any tasks, issues you might have forgotten about

  • Write down the meter readings (gas, water, electricity)
    and add them to your documents

  • Empty the fridge from any food you did not manage to eat

  • Take a deep breath and relax – we will take care of the rest of the removal process

Remember that you can always call us and ask us for advice. As we deal with home and commercial, office removals in London on a daily basis we know how to help you with preparations.