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Commercial removals in London

When we have started our business, we have cooperated mainly with individual clients as well as small companies. Steady development allowed us to vastly expand the range of commercial removal services, but we still quite often cooperate with these smaller entities as well. Our approach is as professional and comprehensive as always, thus you can trust us when you plan to move to a new office, but have just a few items to transport.

Prices adjusted to your needs

We are experts when it comes to office removals and understanding the needs, possibilities and expectations of small and medium businesses. After all, we have started as one of you! As a result we know where we can afford to cut costs, where the most attention is needed and what are your priorities.

This is why we have prepared special option within our commercial removals offer – ‘man and van’ service. It allows you to minimise the costs, but still receive professional help of experienced moving company. To put it simply: you get the best quality services at much lower price.

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Full package for SMB

Depending on your needs, you can pick the basic ‘man and van’ removals service, which includes arrival, loading of the truck, transportation and unloading, or you can spend a few pounds more to get much more comprehensive help. For example, you can leave to us all the packing and organising of your office equipment, furniture or smaller items. It will save you the stress during the transportation and problems during unpacking and arranging the work in the new location.

Storage needed?

Quite frequently the businesses move to a new London office after a day or two, which creates an issue of storing all of their possessions. When your choose Best Removals you do not have to worry about such problems. Our storage facility is at your disposal whenever needed. The most usual form of cooperation includes setting a date for picking your items, transporting it to our storage and delivering it to your new office according to the agreed schedule.

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