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"Man and van" removals in London

Not everyone has to move all of their possessions to a new location. Some of us just want to move the most important things, like their favourite easy chair, handmade table and several smaller items. Hiring a big home removals company for such a job is just a waste of your money. That is why we have prepared a special offer for individual clients who have smaller needs when it comes to moving to a new house or flat.

For whom?

Actually, it is for everyone. Our ‘man and van’ removal services are available to every client, including both individual clients and companies, who want to move just some of their possessions. It is also a perfect solution for college students, who usually take just a few items with them when they move to a new room.

However, the service has been designed to answer the needs of virtually everyone and even much bigger home removals in London can be handled with ease by our team.

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What are the advantages?

There are several reasons why you should consider choosing 'man and van' service instead of a full-blown home removal service. These include:

  • Low costs

    as you hire only 2 or 3 people to do the most basic job, you save a considerable amount of money

  • Simplicity

    the process is extremely simple: you contact us -> we provide you with a quote -> you hire us (hopefully) -> together we set the date of the move -> we come and transport your items to a new house

  • Flexibility

    although the idea behind ‘man and van’ home removals is to minimise the costs, we are open to any additional tasks you might want us to perform, such as packing, organising your items, planning the process etc.

  • Quality

    all of the above advantages are always combined with the quality of our service, as we strive to give you the best experience, no matter how small or big your expectations are

Choose our experience

We started as a small company specialising in ‘man and van’ removals in London and have quickly developed to support even the biggest clients. However, we have gained our experience and based our offer on individual clients and small/medium businesses, which gives us a perfect understanding of your needs.

Become one of our clients and contact us to get your free quote. We are convinced, that we will find a solution right for you.