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Office removals in London

Relocating any business is an extremely difficult task as every detail has to be carefully planned, prioritised, ordered and well thought out to make the move as fast and safe as possible. There is a number of factors to take into account to eliminate potential issues in the process. Our team can take care of every stage of office removals, starting from planning, through packing and optional storage, to transport to your new location.

Stage 1: Planning

Meticulous planning is a necessary basis for smooth and efficient office removal service, not only in London. You need to get ready to the move beforehand, starting even weeks before the date of the pick up. We can help you prepare yourself and organise your work, so that no item is lost, forgotten or hard to find in the boxes.

Stage 2: Packing

We can do it for you! Our team are experts in commercial packing, as we do it professionally on a daily basis. Although it might seem easy, in fact there is a number of items, which require special attention and additional protection. These are, e.g. vases, china, glasses, lamps, works of art or the smallest elements, which can easily slip out of its packaging and get lost in the transport or damaged. Why worry about them, when you can trust skills of office removals professionals?

Stage 2a (optional): Storage

In case you cannot move in to your new location immediately, we can provide you with a commercial storage space for all your equipment, furniture and other elements. They will be kept safe and taken care of appropriately until they can be transported to your new office.

Stage 3: Transport

Modern fleet of vehicles and Best Removals team guarantee, that the transportation will be just a formality. We will load the trucks, safely drive to the new address and unload your items. Thanks to careful planning no stressful issues will come up along the way.

Stage 4: Your satisfaction

Reliability, smooth cooperation and friendly atmosphere during office removals are our trademarks. We are at your disposal anywhere in London so do not hesitate to contact us and book the date of your move. Request a quote to check our prices!